Livritome Lives!

Has it really been nine months (or so) since I touched my beloved Livritome blog?  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Finished my MBA!!!  This has been a dream come true and the result of many great teachers, colleagues and my supportive and wonderful family.  Hurray!
  • Survived the U.S. Government shutdown last fall.  As a federal employee and U.S. citizen, the state of our current log-jammed and dysfunctional legislature continues to shock.  Livritome is not a political platform so I’ll leave it at that…
  • Moved into a new position at work.
  • Moved over to in lieu of to track my reading, which hasn’t been too much, except….
  • Read TONS of business and health-informatics articles.  Guardian 1000 list, not so much.
  • Just finished my first non-business school related book, which I’ll be blogging about soon!