Livritome’s Short List: Brain Food and More


Photo credit:  Dan Tentler.  Creative Commons license.

Photo credit: Dan Tentler. Creative Commons license.

To balance out these great long challenge reads, we need some sources for tasty short treats.  So for this week’s Short List, I’ve gathered a list of great sources for quick, thought provoking reads that you can gobble up during a commute or on your lunch break.  Bon appetit!

  • Farnam Street blog.  Canadian blogger Shane Parrish produces this treasure-chest of links, organized around the concept of getting smarter.  His Sunday newsletter, Brain Food summarizes his latest finds.  My only problem with this site is that it is so rich I could get lost for hours!  Check out this issue to get an idea:  there’s generally a theme, a list of associated links and also more links to what Shane is reading, which is cool.  Brain Food led me to a great article from the New Yorker on how walking helps you think.
  •  Another source I’ve been noticing is LinkedIn’s Pulse.  I’m just getting into it, but apparently LinkedIn is morphing into a publishing platform  — in addition to providing the business networking it is already famous for.  If you already have a LinkedIn profile, then Pulse will offer a customized news stream, or you can peruse and search on your own. Using Pulse, I found a short, interesting read on how to be more effective in meetings.   I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers on Pulse.

And here’s one more to digest:

Enjoy, busy readers!  See you next week with an update on one of my longer reads.  I’m three-quarters of the way through with Five Days at Memorial and taking a quick look into Trainspotting, which is one of the Guardian 1000 Challenge reads.  As usual, way too much to bite off…

Love, L.


Livritome Lives!

Has it really been nine months (or so) since I touched my beloved Livritome blog?  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Finished my MBA!!!  This has been a dream come true and the result of many great teachers, colleagues and my supportive and wonderful family.  Hurray!
  • Survived the U.S. Government shutdown last fall.  As a federal employee and U.S. citizen, the state of our current log-jammed and dysfunctional legislature continues to shock.  Livritome is not a political platform so I’ll leave it at that…
  • Moved into a new position at work.
  • Moved over to in lieu of to track my reading, which hasn’t been too much, except….
  • Read TONS of business and health-informatics articles.  Guardian 1000 list, not so much.
  • Just finished my first non-business school related book, which I’ll be blogging about soon!

Livritome’s Short List: Get your Daily Lit!!

I’ve just discovered this cool thing and wanted to share — Daily Lit is a way to get a bite-size delivery of literature to your phone, Mac or whatever device.  Choose your title, your frequency and schedule and set it up!

I’m pretty excited about this and decided it was a perfect way to tackle one of the Guardian List’s biggies:  War and Peace.  So, thanks to Daily Lit I’ve digested about 10 chunks of Tolstoy’s master work in a manageable and non-intimidated fashion.  According to Daily Lit, W & P comes in 256 chunks — so, do the math, I’ll be done in less than a year.

This would be totally perfect for smart phone readers  — folks who have a few odd moments to read but didn’t remember to bring their book or Kindle with them.  Just whip out the phone!  I’ve got my War & Peace installments coming into my Gmail account four days a week, so I just pick them up from whenever device I’m using at the moment.  The presentation isn’t anything fancy — this isn’t like reading on your PC or Kindle Paper White.  Just plain text.  If you finish one chunk and want to go on ahead of schedule, there is a link at the bottom of the page to go straight to your next installment.

I haven’t explored their library yet but I imagine it would be a lot of public domain.  However, they must have license agreements because I see Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem is being featured.  There is a tempting list of categories over on the left hand of the home page, including “banned books.”  Fun, enjoy!

Livritome’s Short List: Trollope website and a book haul

I miss this blog in between review posts so I thought I start a new series of posts that would keep things fresh in between reads.  Here’s the first of my “Livritome Short List” posts.  Just a few random things that are fun:


  • A super-cool looking Anthony Trollope website:  (  I love the graphics on this site.  Looks full of cool stuff:  novel summaries, quotes,  Definitely going to be exploring here soon.
  • Second — great book-haul this weekend at my beloved used book store in the basement of our regional library.  Found Barchester Towers ($1.50!) and a used Michael Gilbert:  Death in Captivity.  Still no sign of Smallbone Deceased, which I am keeping a sharp eye out for as you may remember from my earlier Gilbert posts.
  • I put a hold on Focus:  the Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman and it arrived yesterday, yay!

So, plenty to keep me busy with over the next few weeks.  Keep reading, everyone!

books 2

Only connect….a hiatus and a status report…

I have missed my Livritome blog so much!  Even more, I’ve missed reading my lovely Guardian novels.  Here’s the explanation:

  • Got bogged down in Howards End.  I mean, really bogged down as in I hated it.  I hadn’t come up with a contingency plan to deal with a long, weighty Guardian read that I hated….so didn’t know what to do.  Blog about the hate?  Keep drudging through?
  • In early October I started a MBA program.  Since I also work full-time, every spare minute has been spent reading business cases instead of Guardian titles — and certainly all drudging through Howards End came to a halt.
  • Conclusion:  got an A in my first MBA course!  I have a two week’s break and so the other day picked up Howards End off the pile and plunged back in and guess what….I’m seeing my way through it after all!  I think I’m actually now looking forward to finishing it and blogging about it very soon.
  • Strategy:  in addition to finishing Howards End, pick some very good, Guardian read that is SHORT — so I can finish before the end of my break.  Would it be possible to sneak in another non-Guardian, like book two of the George R. R. Martin series?  Or at least, March, by Geraldine Brooks, which I’ve already dipped into?
  • Question:  would Livritome readers be interested in business books, as well as novels?