Livritome’s Short List: Get your Daily Lit!!

I’ve just discovered this cool thing and wanted to share — Daily Lit is a way to get a bite-size delivery of literature to your phone, Mac or whatever device.  Choose your title, your frequency and schedule and set it up!

I’m pretty excited about this and decided it was a perfect way to tackle one of the Guardian List’s biggies:  War and Peace.  So, thanks to Daily Lit I’ve digested about 10 chunks of Tolstoy’s master work in a manageable and non-intimidated fashion.  According to Daily Lit, W & P comes in 256 chunks — so, do the math, I’ll be done in less than a year.

This would be totally perfect for smart phone readers  — folks who have a few odd moments to read but didn’t remember to bring their book or Kindle with them.  Just whip out the phone!  I’ve got my War & Peace installments coming into my Gmail account four days a week, so I just pick them up from whenever device I’m using at the moment.  The presentation isn’t anything fancy — this isn’t like reading on your PC or Kindle Paper White.  Just plain text.  If you finish one chunk and want to go on ahead of schedule, there is a link at the bottom of the page to go straight to your next installment.

I haven’t explored their library yet but I imagine it would be a lot of public domain.  However, they must have license agreements because I see Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem is being featured.  There is a tempting list of categories over on the left hand of the home page, including “banned books.”  Fun, enjoy!

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