Livritome’s Short List: Trollope website and a book haul

I miss this blog in between review posts so I thought I start a new series of posts that would keep things fresh in between reads.  Here’s the first of my “Livritome Short List” posts.  Just a few random things that are fun:


  • A super-cool looking Anthony Trollope website:  (  I love the graphics on this site.  Looks full of cool stuff:  novel summaries, quotes,  Definitely going to be exploring here soon.
  • Second — great book-haul this weekend at my beloved used book store in the basement of our regional library.  Found Barchester Towers ($1.50!) and a used Michael Gilbert:  Death in Captivity.  Still no sign of Smallbone Deceased, which I am keeping a sharp eye out for as you may remember from my earlier Gilbert posts.
  • I put a hold on Focus:  the Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman and it arrived yesterday, yay!

So, plenty to keep me busy with over the next few weeks.  Keep reading, everyone!

books 2

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