Only connect….a hiatus and a status report…

I have missed my Livritome blog so much!  Even more, I’ve missed reading my lovely Guardian novels.  Here’s the explanation:

  • Got bogged down in Howards End.  I mean, really bogged down as in I hated it.  I hadn’t come up with a contingency plan to deal with a long, weighty Guardian read that I hated….so didn’t know what to do.  Blog about the hate?  Keep drudging through?
  • In early October I started a MBA program.  Since I also work full-time, every spare minute has been spent reading business cases instead of Guardian titles — and certainly all drudging through Howards End came to a halt.
  • Conclusion:  got an A in my first MBA course!  I have a two week’s break and so the other day picked up Howards End off the pile and plunged back in and guess what….I’m seeing my way through it after all!  I think I’m actually now looking forward to finishing it and blogging about it very soon.
  • Strategy:  in addition to finishing Howards End, pick some very good, Guardian read that is SHORT — so I can finish before the end of my break.  Would it be possible to sneak in another non-Guardian, like book two of the George R. R. Martin series?  Or at least, March, by Geraldine Brooks, which I’ve already dipped into?
  • Question:  would Livritome readers be interested in business books, as well as novels?

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